Friday, August 12, 2011

Molly and the Vampire a sensible woman learns about Love, Lust, and Things That Go Bump in the Night/ finally!

Yes, I have said that I was going to tell you about "the book" before, but I really will this time.

Many smart women know that you don't need a man in your life to be happy.  Molly is about to find out that she was wrong.

Do you like it?  Does it make you want to read more?  Please say yes, if you don't I have to go back to work.  You see it's meant to be something called a hook.  Now I thought that a hook was something that you used to fasten your skirt or that a fish swallowed when they were contemplating suicide.

But noooo, it's this thing that you use to try to get people (read literary agents or publishers) to become interested in your book.

To get back to Molly, the title pretty much says it all.  There's a lot more to it of course.  Two vampires, four shape shifters, one crazy human, one demon, a pushy sister, sweet brother-in-law, artists, friends, drunken models, and a very special Basset Hound.  Now who I ask, wouldn't want to read about all of that?

You say that you wouldn't want to read it?  Did I mention the hot steamy sex?  I can tell that got your attention.

I have something else too, something that will make you happy.  I've got a coupon!

Can I get a YEAH COUPON!!!  If you sign on to be a follower of this blog, or what ever they call it, you can buy my book on Smash words for 50% off.  That's only $2.

It gets even better.  I'm going to give you the code now so that you can get away with not signing up for anything!  And the code is...AR66Y not case sensitive.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The god of spell check's revenge

I know, if you read my last post, that has been far too long ago, I'll get back to that next time, you have noticed that I didn't use spell check and was punished for my insult. The god of spell check sent his gremlins down to ensure that anyone reading the post would instantly exclaim "HA!, that is what come of such sacrilege!"
I personally prefer to believe that the deplorable condition of my prose was due to my consumption of illegal drugs. But I have been forced to admit that, yes, I still use the evil program. After many long hours of therapy I can even see all of those colorful squiggles and such without running screaming into the dark.