Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today is the second day of NaNoWriMo and I’m already behind.

Ah; I hear many of you ask, “What is this NaNoWriMo?”

It is a month of sanctioned insanity.  All over the world  people have signed up to write a novel in the month of November.  Not a short story mind you; but 50,000 words of a NOVEL.  Actually, I have over 90,000 words in last year’s book The first draft, and it’s not even close to finished.

Although I now have nearly double the word count I didn’t complete the assignment.  But; I have an excuse, and it’s even a good one. 

I started late, it was at least 6 days before I reached 1000 words, but caught up and surged ahead.  I was a writing beast!  I typed away, one key at a time, pounding my story into submission.  I was winning!

Then I started throwing up.  I don’t mean my tummy was a little off.  Even the consumption of water caused painful bloating and finally I would loose everything including the water. 

They came to me and said “Come, for we must take you to yon hospital.”

I cried “Nay!  Verily I will not go to yon hospital for I am writing and can not stop.”

Again they assailed me saying “You must go to the hospital for your fever is most high and the fluid has left your body!”

“Nay!”  I exclaimed again.  “ can not go to yon hospital for I have written 47,362 words and I am very near my goal.”

Once more they came and

Well, I’m sure you get my point.  I did eventually end up in yon hospital, but I didn’t give up!  No, I took my computer with me.  It would have been great, they even had internet access.  The only problem was that my mind was so screwed up that the only thing I managed to do was loose the power cord for my laptop.  I was in the hospital for the last week of November and completely disgusted with my self for falling short.

But not this year!  I have vowed that I will reach my goal even if I die doing it.  That could actually work for me.  I understand that zombies are very popular right now.

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