Monday, December 19, 2011

Things she didn't hear

I got some said news today.  The daughter of a friend messaged me to tell me that her mom had died.  I promised never to get serious with this blog, But Constance Rose Johnson should be remembered.

I can't be miserable about it though, no one should be.  Connie left me a lot of memories to laugh about.

Even at 80 she was on the lookout for a good looking man, especially ones with great hair.  If I saw her attraction, and it was hard to miss, she would say  "Woo Woo" roll her eyes and give me the biggest of grins.

She loved to play BINGO but it was more therapy than a game and very slow.  I would sit with her and help her play.  Some days she was very sharp and played like a pro.  At other times her attention wandered and it was my job to remind her what she was doing.  I like to think that it was just that she was looking at something more interesting.  She often found it in a man with an abundance of wavy white hair.  She had good taste, it was spectacular hair.

Connie also had a tiny hearing problem.  She could hear just fine, but she often heard things that you didn't say.  One day our conversation involved another person.  The subject had something to do with and old kind of candy, but I don't remember much of it.  I do remember Connie looking at me in absolute shock and asking,  "When did you circumcise a cat?"  I couldn't breathe for a while for laughing and every time someone ask what happened, I exploded all over again!

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  1. Things you didn't pay attention to....

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    My deepest thanks.